Business Events can be held on weekdays or weekends.




Homemade Empanadas, Cheese Tables and Cold Meats.




Chorizos and blood sausages (Morcillas), Chicken, Barbecued Ribs

Vegetable side and salads.

There is always the possibility of varying the menu if so needed.


We proudly offer (our house "Goyenechea" Wines; or you may choose another winery.


Other options for the menu: Sweetbreads, Kidneys, Sirloin, London Broil, Loin of Pork, Prime Rib Roast, Roast Suckling Pig, Lamb.




Vanilla ice cream with red fruit sauce.


Soft drinks from the Coca Cola (Company selections)


Coffee bar


At the customer's request, other features can be added, such as:



-Viennese pastry table

-Bar alcoholic beverages




- Horse rides

- Carriage rides

- Large Folkloric Show

- Ring of Rings made by the establishment's staff

- Ranch hands (Gauchos) with activities

-All of these activities can be adapted at the company’s request



We have audio-visual equipment to hold conferences.

Closed air-conditioned room with a maximum capacity of 500 people.


Emergency medical service






Business Events