educational estancia


LA MIMOSA , a typical estancia of 137 years of age located 70 km away from the Congress in the historical location of Exaltación de la Cruz – close to Pilar and Luján – has been in the national and international tourism business for 25 years and is the first and only EDUCATIONAL ESTANCIA for high schools, elementary schools and kindergartens. This service has been offered on weekdays for some years now, and the following options are available:






- ARRIVAL: 9.30 / 10 AM approximately. We welcome you with mate cocido (Argentine herbal tea)


- GUIDED TOUR : Includes the centenary house (1869) and a typical pulpería (traditional general-provisions store, bar and rural meeting point) built in the last century. Explanation of the story of the Estancia in Argentina.


- LEARNING ACTIVITIES : Farming techniques of the area with a practical approach, such as:


- Agriculture : Sowing of corn, soy, sunflower, wheat, etc., (showing of seeds) and sown fields. Hand corn-grinding (by students)


- Stockbreeding : Ranch with breeding stock, milking station, cattle wintering site, pigs, horses, barnyard birds, rabbit-breeding, calf nursing and bottle feeding (guachera), bird-breeding. Livestock lasso-catching show (on fixed element), horse feet-cleaning and hair-cutting.


- Descriptions and exhibitions : native and imported trees and birds in the area and human or animal-powered agricultural machineries such as seed drills, rakes, plows, carriages, etc.


- CREOLE GAMES : Carrera de sortijas display (gaucho skill in which the galloping rider must spear a small ring hung from a thread), taba y bochas (playground game with small balls). Visitors can participate in these games.


- RIDES : enjoy a ride in our rural carriages.


- LUNCH : 2 (two) home-made chorizo sandwiches, fruits and juice, 1 (one) hard-boiled egg. Burgers may be served upon request.


- SPARE TIME : You may play soccer or volley-ball – you need to bring your own equipment for this. You are also welcome to enjoy a walk around our 20 ha. of ancient trees.


- TEA : Tea is served at 3.30 PM approximately.


- PRICE : Please contact us to obtain this information.



B) HALF A DAY OPTION (available for institutions within 50 km.)


- ARRIVAL: 9.30 AM approximately.


- LEARNING ACTIVITIES: : See All Day Option (does not include spare time or lunch)


- MEAL : only before leaving the Estancia – 1 burger or chorizo sandwich and juice (upon your choice)


- END OF HALF A DAY OPTION: : 12 PM approximately.


- PRICE: Please contact us to obtain this information.





The Estancia has business liability insurance coverage, Emergency Service and permanent police control. The Estancia also has bathrooms which are kept in excellent conditions, and it has capacity of 600 people in a covered area.


You can also buy inexpensive home-made farm food and products.


If you and your group are planning to make an early visit, you can first visit the city of Luján, located 18 km away, or Capilla del Señor, located 12 km away.


Please contact us should you need to arrange any special schedule, menu or activities.


Rains before the day scheduled for your visit will not result in the suspension of our normal activities.