Coffee, Milk and Coffee, Tea, Croissants, Scons, Petit Fours and Home-made Cakes. The Coca-Cola Company sodas, sparkling water and bottled spring water.


Home-made empanadas (meat pastry turnovers), variety of cheeses and cold meat.

Full Argentine Barbecue:

Chorizos (barbacue pork sausage), morcilla (Argentine blood sausage), chinchulines (barbecued pork intestine), chicken, vacío (hindquarter), and salads. The menu may be changed upon request.


We also offer you either “Goyenechea” wine or any other wine you may choose.


Other menu options: mollejas (gizzard), riñoncitos (kidney), lomo (beef loin), colita de cuadril (rump), carré de cerdo (pork loin), asado con cuero (beef roasted in its hide over an open fire), pork, lamb.


Ice-cream with chocolate, blueberry or dulce de leche (Argentine milk caramel syrup) sauce. Coffee and drinks are served at any time throughout the day.

Cake Buffet:

A variety of delicious cakes.






The Estancia has business liability insurance coverage, Emergency Service and permanent police control. Our facilities comply with safety regulations.


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