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Taking the Panamericana

Taking the West access

Taking the Panamericana freeway, Pilar access, Route 8, 4 km along Route 6 towards Luján, take a right on the wide unpaved road (look for the sign) and go straight 1 km until you reach “LA MIMOSA”. Total 70 km.


Taking the West access, 20 km along Route 6 towards Campana, go over the bridge over the train tracks and turn left on the wide unpaved road (look for the sign). You will find the unpaved road 4 km before reaching Route 8. Rain does not render the unpaved road impassable. Total: 75 km.






GPS Cordinates:


Latitud: -34.420930 (34° 25' 13.50'' S)

Longitud: -59.058208 (59° 3' 29.48'' W)





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Ruta N° 6 km 171,5

Exaltación de La Cruz, Buenos Aires

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